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The World Christian Video/DVD Directory gives you a list of Christian videos and DVDs in around 1,000 languages. Thousands of titles of Christian videos and DVDs from around the world are listed with a description and where to get them. Look for the Swahili language on the search box or under letter S.

These are the titles below in Swahili.

God of Wonders
God’s Story: From Creation to Eternity
God's Story
The Jesus Film
Jonah & The Big Storm
Joshua And The Promised Land
Magdalena: Release from Shame
Pilgrim's Progress
Sabina's Encounter
Some Through The Fire
Something to Sing About
The Answer
The Charm
The Hope
The Light of the World
The Story of Jesus for Children

This is a description of two of the titles.

God of Wonders, Multi-Language DVD
This video is a documentary that explores on what the Lord’s creation reveals about His power, wisdom, justice, and love. Combining exquisite nature footage and scientific insights with Scripture, it examines the size of the universe, the symmetry of snow crystals, the complexity of DNA, and more.

Something to Sing About
Something to Sing About is an uplifting, music-fueled drama about love’s transforming power. The story is about a streetwise kid with the voice of an angel and a police record meeting a big-hearted old saint. Their loving friendship paves the way toward redemption and some growing pains. This DVD is available in Swahili language.

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