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We can sell all the eight Swahili Intercommedia titles for Tshs 2,500/= and the postage cost of sending one of the titles within the country is about Tshs 1,500/=
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Deus Kanunu has permission from Mr. Anderson at Intercomm to sell these titles.
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Twins, a young man and his sister, live with their mother on their uncle's property. The uncle wants to sell the girl for a bride price of 12 cattle. The boy goes to the cit, is able to earn the amount of money needed to purchase his sister's freedom. The purchase becomes an illustration of the price Jesus paid with his death on the cross. 52 minutes.
The Charm
A Nairobi businessman struggles for success. He depends on fetishes and charms to help him. His wife rebukes him. Both of them are regular church members. Through the father's dependence on charms, his daughter is killed. She is a believer and the impact of her death causes the father to burn his fetishes and turn to the Lord. 45 minutes.
Joshua and the Promised Land
With his own eyes, Joshua had watched as the great leader, Moses, led Israel out of Egypt and toward the land God had promised them. Moses liked Joshua very much. One day he asked the young man to become his special helper. Moses knew Joshua loved God and always tried to please God by doing good things. As time passed, Joshua was given the special responsibility of scouting out the land of Canaan. Only he and Caleb brought back a glowing report of a land "flowing with milk and honey". The others were afraid and spoke of the danger and the giants that walked the land. The people wouldn't listed to Joshua, however, and God became angry with them. Forty years later, all who had protested had died. Moses turned over leadership of Israel to Joshua, and with God's help, they moved into the Promised land. There, Joshua faced his greatest test of faith and obedience, as he perfectly followed God's instructions, and Jericho was delivered unto him through its destruction. Presented in the "draw-on" animation technique, Joshua's experience happens in front of children's eyes. The technique is applauded by educators as a visual impact uniquely designed for children.
Some Through the Fire
Thousands of Christians were persecuted and murdered under the despotic dictatorship of Idi Amin. This is the incredible story of the survivors and how they emerged with a song of praise on their lips and a deepending faith in their hearts. You cannot possibly be the same after viewing this motion picture. 40 minutes.
The Answer
Be encouraged. Sharing Christ needn't be traumatic. Just normal. Experiences, all drawn from the life of Stanley Tam, illustrate what God can do with one of his children, who dares to obey the clear guidelines of the Bible. He has shared, "You and I are only tools, the Holy Spirit is the soul winner. The key is obedience." 50 minutes.
Jonah and the Big Storm
What do children think about when they hear the name of Jonah? Too often, perhaps, their only association is that of a man being swallowed by a whale. But, here in this "draw-on" animation film, children learn the larger story of what happened to this man. First, viewers meet Jonah, the prophet. They see how God blessed him as he obediently served his Heavenly Father. Then the exciting adventure begins! God told Jonah to go to Ninevah--that big and frightening and wicked city--and tell the people terrible punishment would soon come to them. Jonah did not want to go to Ninevah. So, instead of obeying God, he got on board a ship which would take him to Tarshish--about as far from Ninevah as he could get. This delightful film--geared especially for younger viewers--not only tells Jonah's story like it was, but in doing so, helps plant important Bible truths in formative young minds.
Pilgrim’s Progress
Journey with Pilgrim, as John Bunyan's famous allegory leaps from its pages in an exciting, easy-to-follow presentation. You'll experience the Slough of Despond, Hill of Difficulty, Vanity Fair. Meet Pliable. Mr. Obstinate. Worldly Wiseman. Evangelist. Mr. Interpreter, and Pilgrim's constant foe, Apollyon. Follow Pilgrim to the cross, and ultimately to the Celestial City. A powerful visualization of the Christian life. 72 minutes.
A young girl's evil father plans to sell her to a man much older than she is. The girl runs away to the home of her uncle, who has tried to help her. He tells her she cannot stay at their home, so she hides in one of her uncle's lorries and goes to the city. She is forced into prostitution but runs away. She fears she may have AIDS. Medical tests show that she does not. She is taken into the home of Christians who show her love and help her with her education. She becomes a believer. As the story ends she asks to see her family to tell them what has happened in her life. There she learns that the man to whom her father wanted to sell her has died of AIDS. 46 minutes.

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