New Life Africa Direct Broadcast Satellite - Broacasting in Swahili and English in 50 Countries in Africa

The New Life Africa radio station is on a direct broadcast satellite. The satellite covers 50 countries in Africa. You can also purchase a home satellite receiver to receive the station if you live in these 50 countries. It might work with one that you already have. Please contact New Life Africa to see which satellite receive you need to receive the programming.

This station or it’s programming is also playing on some radio stations on the ground in some different countries in Africa. Please contact New Life Africa to see if it is playing on a station near you.

The service is provided as free programming to local radio stations in these 50 countries in Africa. More information is at this website.

You may also listen online.

Please look for the play button and these words on the top left of the home page.

Listen to NLASN

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